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VA loans in Thousand Oaks: A Home in the Service of Nation

America is known for taking care of the lives of those who have served the nation. One amazing example of this is California VA loans Thousand Oaks. This is a vital home ownership program that provides lucrative home finance offers to veterans, service members and their families. Doesn’t it prove the country’s commitment to those loyal people who served the land with utter sincerity?

As contrary to those who think that purchasing a house with a VA loan is a daunting task, it is pretty straightforward.

Before, going into the eligibility and how-to-apply part, let us introduce you to the few amongst the many Advantages of VA Loans:

Interest rates on VA loans are a lot lower than those on conventional loans.

Did you know that the latest national average rate on 30 years old VA fixed loans- 3.59% is sixty percent lower than the average rate on 30 years fixed loans in general?

  • You don’t need private mortgage insurance on the loans of beyond 80% of home’s appraised value. This saves you $200 to $300 per month!
  • You don’t get to pay down payment, in case buying cost does not exceed the home’s appraised value. You got more saving here!
  • No minimum credit score is required of you.
  • There are stringent limits on closing costs.
  • If you eliminate your mortgage ahead of schedule, there is no prepayment penalty.

More benefits and How VA Loans Work?

VA loans do not in fact make the actual loans!

They partially guarantee the mortgages and re-financing of property that is done through private lenders such as credit unions, mortgage companies and banks. Due to this guarantee, the lenders can offer borrowers many more benefits than what comes with standard loans. You can even use VA loan to purchase or construct a primary property or a cash-out re-financing. However, that ought to be only a primary residence, not a secondary one or vacation property.

You must be wondering by now How to Apply for so much benefiting VA Loans.

Planatek Financial is one such entrusted authority where you can rely on the professionals to help you obtain VA loan. Ideally you can apply for this loan through the many VA regional loan centers. Planatek VA loans Thousand Oaks is one such VA loans centre where you can take assistance from loans and mortgage experts and follow a steady procedure for getting the loan.

Eligibility for getting VA Loans

You will need to submit a Certificate of Eligibility for getting a VA loan. The VA declares that borrowers “must have been discharged under certain conditions rather than dishonorable and meet specific service requirements”. That’s based on military status and it includes veterans, those currently on-duty, national guards and reserve members. Surviving spouses of veterans can also apply for VA loans.

Mortgage consultants at Planatek can help you obtain eligibility determinations within minutes.

You have served the nation with your talents; now it is nation’s turn to serve you. So, come to the forth, and grab your opportunity while you can. There is nothing more comforting in old age than to live in the sweet confines of your own home.